Saturday, November 21, 2009

January and February Classes are here....

We still have the Bath Crafts, the Intro to Aromatherapy, and Blending Herbal Teas (who knew that one would get so much attention?) to go, but we've put together the classes that will begin after the holidays.

These will all be on Saturday afternoons from 1 until 2:30, and they'll be held here at the N. Strickler Road location. All classes are $30 each, except the soapmaking class and the kitchen cosmetics. They are $35.
Please reserve your space by registering at The Essential Herbal You can pay by cash or check on the day of the class, but if we hold a space for you and you don't show up, we'll have to charge your card.

January 9 - Making Herbal Beads We will use several different fragrant herbs and spices to create beautiful, artistically organic beads that can be combined with other stones and beads to form amazing jewelry that will emit scent as you wear it. You will be making beads and taking them along home.

Soapmaking - This Class is FULL
We've been making soap so long that our kids barely know there are store bought synthetic detergent bars! It is our pleasure to share some of what we've picked up along the way AND what we did wrong so you don't have to. We'll be making cold-process oatmeal and lavender soap. This is a demo-style class, but each participant will leave with some of the soap we've made and the know-how to go home and make it themselves. Materials will be available for purchase on the day of the class should you want to do that and a class hand-out with clear instructions will be provided.

January 23 - Potpourri!
Brilliant colors and delicious scents blend together in feasts for the senses as we talk about all the things that can be used in dry and simmering potpourris. Learn about using fixatives to hold the scent longer, how to incorporate blossoms from the garden and what to look for on woodland hikes. Leave with some of both kinds of potpourri that you've made yourself. Recipes and instructions included.

January 30 - Salt and Sugar Scrubs
You can make these indulgent, luxurious concoctions for yourself with a little instruction on our part. Learn about the different ingredients, and why you'd want to use them. Participants will each make and take a jar of salt scrub along with recipes and instructions to make more at home.

February 6 - Medicinal Vinegars

We'll make Four Thieves vinegar during the class, and talk about the hows and whys of using herbal vinegars as medicine. Each participant will leave with a bottle and lots of recipes and instructions.

February 7 - Super Sunday - Kitchen Cosmetics
Leave the men at home with the 7 layer dip and come join us for a fun workshop where we'll make lots of fun cosmetics right in the kitchen. Note: Not as scary as this picture - lol.Winter Sunshine Moisturizer, a clay mask, Lavender Rose Cream, and a simple pore cleansing lotion will be on the "menu". We'll send some of them along home with you as well as lots of recipes and instructions.

February 13 - Introduction to Medicinal Herbs in the Backyard
Wouldn't it be great to find plants outside that could help pull out that splinter, sooth that sunburn, and clear up that poison ivy? How about something to help relax and sleep, or to tame that tummy ache. There are even anti-viral herbs growing wild outside! Come learn about them with us!

February 20 - Herbal Honeys, Syrups, and Elixirs
Whether the purpose is pleasure or medicine, these preparations are fun to make and a great way to incorporate herbs. We'll make one of each, and everyone takes some herbal honey home along with recipes and instructions.

February 27 - Making Incense
Using exotic resins, herbs, spices, and woods, we'll make delightful cones of incense. Each participant will make their own, choosing from various ingredients. We'll all roll about a dozen or so cones to take along, and have recipes and instructions if you'd like to make more. Hard to find ingredients will be available for purchase on the day of class.

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